Facial skin problem

facial skin

Facial Skin Problem

Face problem vary seriously in symptoms and severity. They can be temporary or permanent, and may be painless or painful. Some have situational causes, while others may be genetic. Some skin conditions are minor, and others can be life-threatening.

While most skin disorders are minor, others can indicate a more serious issue. Contact your doctor if you think you might have one of these common skin problems.

Good skin care practices can help to maintain firm, smooth, and healthy skin. Eventually, though, time and sun exposure take a toll on the skin’s appearance. Facial skin problems and skin problems on other areas of the body can happen because of age, exposure to environmental elements, and a host of other factors. Some general skin flaws are the result of genetics, viruses, and other causes. A cosmetic dermatologist has the advanced training and expertise necessary to effectively treat skin problems.


Acne, what we call pimples, can be a painful and socially embarrassing skin situation. Comedones are the key feature of acne. Comedones are usually known as blackheads (open comedones) and whiteheads (closed comedones).

About Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti-Wrinkle Injections have truly revolutionized the treatment of ageing skin and is one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures performed in India today. It is designed to relax various muscles that reason wrinkles to appear on the face


Rosacea is a common and chronic disorder exclusively of facial skin. It is more common in patients aged 35-60 that have fair skin. Rosacea is probably best described as an inflammatory skin condition, although in addition to the immune system, nerves endings, blood vessels, genetics and UV radiation all play a role.

Laser Treatments

Laser treatments can be used to treat skin texture changes, brown spots or age spots, scars, facial redness, obvious blood vessels or vascular birth marks.Light energy may stimulate new collagen, decrease appearance of larger pores and smooth skin texture